How It Works


How it works for buyers and sellers

- For Seller
1. Account Setup:

Sellers start by creating an account on Fireprenair. This is the foundational step that grants access to the platform's features tailored for sellers.

2. Store Setup:

After creating an account, sellers proceed to set up their digital storefront. This involves choosing a store name, designing the store layout to match their brand, and providing detailed information about what they plan to sell, be it digital products or services. The store setup is crucial as it represents the seller's brand to potential buyers.

3. Approval Process:

Once the store setup is complete, sellers must submit their store for approval by Fireprenair. This step may involve a review of the products or services listed to ensure they meet the platform's quality standards and guidelines. The approval process is in place to maintain a high standard of offerings on the platform, ensuring that buyers have access to quality products and services.

4. Listing Products or Services:

After receiving approval, sellers can start listing their products or services on the platform. This includes providing detailed descriptions, setting prices, and uploading images or files that accurately represent what they are selling. Sellers are encouraged to be as detailed and transparent as possible to attract potential buyers.

5. Marketing and Promotion:

While Fireprenair may offer some visibility through its marketplace, sellers are encouraged to actively promote their stores and listings. This can be achieved through various marketing strategies, such as social media promotion, content marketing, or utilizing any promotional tools provided by Fireprenair.

6. Managing Sales and Feedback:

Sellers receive notifications for purchases or service requests and are responsible for fulfilling these in a timely manner. They can manage their sales, communicate with buyers, and gather feedback through the platform's seller dashboard. This feedback is valuable for continuous improvement and for building a positive reputation on the platform.

7. Payment and Reviews:

Upon completion of a transaction, sellers receive payment through Fireprenair's secure payment system, minus any applicable fees. Buyers are encouraged to leave reviews, which can significantly impact the seller's reputation and future sales on the platform.

- For Buyer
1. Account Setup:

Buyers also need to create an account on Fireprenair, which allows them to purchase products, hire services, and communicate with sellers.

2. Browsing and Selecting Products/Services:

Buyers can browse the marketplace to find the products or services they need. Detailed listings help buyers make informed decisions, and search filters can narrow down options based on specific criteria like price, category, or seller rating.

3. Making a Purchase or Hiring:

When a buyer decides to purchase a product or hire a service, they can do so through the platform's secure checkout process. For services, this may involve sending a project brief or requirements to the seller for a customized quote.

4. Communication and Collaboration:

Buyers can communicate directly with sellers through Fireprenair’s messaging system to ask questions, provide feedback, or discuss project specifics. This direct line of communication ensures that both parties are aligned on expectations.

5. Payment and Feedback:

Payment is processed securely through Fireprenair, and buyers can leave feedback upon completion of the transaction. This feedback is crucial for the ecosystem, as it helps other buyers make informed decisions and supports sellers in improving their offerings.

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